The Best WES Evaluation Tips for Indian Students

For Indian students moving to the US after completing their education, the WES evaluation is the standard for starting employment or continuing education. Widely accepted and frequently specifically required, the evaluation translates credentials from any other country to those in the US. If you’re planning for a new life in the US, follow these WES evaluation tips to build your foundation.

Start Your Evaluation Early

In most cases, WES completes evaluations within 7 business days, though they take longer when they need more consultation. To be sure everything is in order on arrival or as soon after as possible, Indian students should apply for evaluation at the earliest chance. This also helps create a plan forward for students uncertain about further education or employment, as they can then check what US credentials they have and what positions they qualify for.

Know What Employers Want

Universities, agencies and licensing boards throughout the US accept WES evaluations. However, there are two different types; a Document-by-Document evaluation covers most of your credentials and permits immigration, but Course-by-Course gives more detail on post-secondary education and is more valuable to these organizations.

Attention to Detail

WES evaluations cover essentially any legitimate credential and institution, but reviewing the paperwork yourself is always a good idea. Check thoroughly what you need to submit; English translations for non-English documents are required, as are updates on name or address changes. If you have concerns about your report after evaluation is completed, don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Evaluations.