Disruptive e-commerce companies from NYC

shutterstock_260261177Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is undoubtedly one of the most competitive business models today. This is attributed to the fact that founders need fewer resources to get their new businesses going as compared to traditional forms of business (offline-based). However, most e-commerce companies face a lot of challenges through their course of operation. One of these hurdles is the threat posed by disruptive companies that start small and dominate their niche within a small period of time. Disruptive e-commerce companies from NYC have particularly become a painful thorn in the feet of incumbent companies that were complacent in terms of market share.

Conditions that favor disruptive companies

Most of these disruptive companies exploit the existing weaknesses of market leaders. By offering new solutions to vigilant customers, they eventually become their company of choice. Also, most of them start by offering particular products and services at the bottom of the market and work their way upwards until they displace established market players. Usually, eCommerce innovation companies rely on research and technology in ways that were never before utilised. Furthermore, disruptive companies ensure that they provide better terms of employment, competitive branding, and outstanding prices for their merchandise. Their customer support platforms are always responsive since they are ambitious to dethrone their competition.

How these companies are winning

One of these companies is Blue Apron. This is an online based company that delivers cooking ingredients on the go. The company offers weekly subscriptions with a concept that is based on providing unbeatable convenience. DashLocker, on the other hand, is a company that has its clients leave their laundry at designated lockers from where they are collected and cleaned. Their services are available 24/7. Signing up is as easy as sending an email or text message. Limited Time Only (LTO) is an innovative restaurant that has different chefs in rotation hence offering its customers a variety of menus. My.Suit enables clients to select suits when they are online.