Registering a New Business

Anyone who is planning to set up a new business must make sure they take the time to register the name of their company with Companies House so that their enterprise is legally recognized. Companies House will document the name of the business to make sure that it belongs solely to the enterprise and is not used by another company.

Of course, you will need to take the time to choose a company name that is unique and will make a statement about the company. The name is the first thing that customers notice, so it is essential to choose a strong name that will be memorable and create a lasting impression. Companies who have several different names in mind could settle the issue by doing a survey to find out which name potential customers like most or even by running a competition to find the best name.

Entrepreneurs must take into consideration the fact that some words and phrases are restricted and cannot be used in company names. People who try to use these words in the n601px-Business_plate.svgame of their company could find that they get into trouble and are unable to register their company name. For this reason, it is also important to register the company name before creating the company logo and doing any advertising, as there is a chance that the name may not be approved.

Once the perfect name for the company has been selected, it can be registered. It is possible to do this by visiting Companies House in person or through their website. New entrepreneurs also have the option of completing a special online Business Name Application Form. The application form should be sent by post to the National Business Register office along with a check covering the registration fee as well as membership and any other costs that are involved.