The best ecommerce companies in NYC

We live in a massively competitive world , and starting an e-commerce business is no easy business. It can be challenging knowing what products and services to sell. There are also other essentials to know to make a success of your online store. ‘Plated’, for instance, is a Lifestyle technology start-up who want to help Americans have access to fresh, healthy food. ‘Plated’ has a team of chefs who create healthy recipes. The services they provide, include for their customers, grocery shopping, after which the fresh ingredients, right down to the seasonings, plus the recipe, are shipped to your door. The packaging keeps ingredients fresh for up to 24 hours.

shutterstock_367136834Health is a Hot Topic in NYC

New Yorkers are busy, and ‘PetFlow’, an e-commerce company started in 2010, makes having a pet in New York that much easier. No more fretting about getting to the pet store on a busy day. ‘PetFlow’ delivers high-quality food from 300 different brands to your door and at great prices. Their skilled staff makes sure your pantry never runs out of food for that 4-legged family member of yours. ‘Farmigo’ runs on a similar vein, bringing fresh, locally grown farm produce right to your doorstep. These companies have utilised help such as
to find out about success metrics of the e-business and tips to grow their business.

Grow Your Wealth

Everyone in New York would like to know how to make the best of bad economic times and make their dollars stretch further. ‘Betterment’ is one of the fastest- and largest-growing automated investing services there is. They help people to grow their wealth and to also better manage their finances through smart technology. ‘Betterment’ offers a portfolio of ETFs which are designed to provide customers globally with the best possible expected returns when building wealth, retirement planning, as well as other savings goals. People appreciate ‘Betterment’ as it offers far cheaper services than what you get from traditional financial services.