The Best Places in London to Study Business

London is widely recognized as boasting some of the best business schools in the world and people who graduate from one of these prominent business schools are likely to have a firm foot in the door. Below are some of the leading business schools in London.

The London Business School

The prestigious school is the institution of choice for people who are planning to study business in London. It is set in Regent’s Park and many of the biggest names in the world of business have graduated from here over the decades. There are lots of excellent courses to choose from that are taught by business experts in various different fields.

The Regent’s Business School London

Also located in the large and lovely ReLondon_Business_School_facadegent’s Park, this popular business school is famous for its modern and innovative approaches to teaching business. One of the things that sets this institution apart is the focus on international business practices, which helps prepare students for doing business on a global scale rather than simply locally.

The London School of Business and Management

One of the things that makes this school so special is that despite its popularity class sizes are kept as small as possible. This helps to maximize the amount of time that each student is able to spend with the teacher allowing them to get the most out of the learning experience here.

The London School of Business and Finance

As the name suggests, this school focuses on the financial side of business and is ideal for people who are planning to be an accountant or are interested in other areas. This prominent and highly desirable school has campuses both in the Holborn district of London and Marble Arch in the very heart of the city. The school has become so successful over the years that there are also campuses located in other countries these days and London School of Business and Finance is best known for its outstanding Masters programs.