The lighting in an office helps to create a mood and can aid productivity if done correctly. Here are some of the main types of office lighting to choose from and their main benefits.


This is the most important type of light for any office and can really affect the atmosphere in the office. Although strip lights have long been the traditional lighting style of choice for offices, they can be overly bright and impersonal. In addition, strip lights have a tendency to flicker, which can be seriously distracting. Daylight bulbs are a much better option for offices that do not have windows as they help to create a natural-looking glow that has been proven to enhance mood. It is also a good idea to install dimmer switches in the office so that the amount of light that the bulbs provide can be adjusted as desired.


Desk lamps are ideal for use in large offices that may feature dark corners. Special desk lamps can be placed directly onto the desks where they are needed to provide extra illumination so that workers do not have to squint to do their paperwork. The style of desk lamps that you choose should match the style of the office and could be modern and colourful or more classic such as chrome desk lamps.


These provide a similar effect to desk lamps with the added bonus that they do not take up space on the desk. These tall stand-alone lamps can be scattered throughout the office to cast away dark shadows from corners and create extra light where it is needed most. People who are planning the lighting for the office should take the time to experiment by putting the lamps in different parts of the office to discover where they work best.